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The Seleukid Empire, 281-222 BC. War within the Family.

Edited by Kyle Erickson
ISBN-13 9781910589717 ISBN-10 1910589713, hardback, vii 315pp, 2018,

The Seleukids, the easternmost of the Greekspeaking dynasties which succeeded Alexander the Great, were long portrayed by historians as inherently weak and doomed to decline after the passing of their remarkable first king, Seleukos (died 281 BC). And yet they succeeded in ruling much of the Near and Middle East for over two centuries, overcoming problems of a multi-ethnic empire.

In this book an international team of scholars argues that in the decades after Seleukos the empire developed flexible structures that successfully bound it together in the face of a series of catastrophes. The strength of the Seleukid realm lay not simply in its vast swathes of territory, but more in knowing how to tie the new, frequently non-Greek, nobility to the king through mutual recognition of sovereignty.


The Contributors
Altay Coskun
Monica D’Agostini
David Engels
Kyle Erickson
John R. Holton
Alex McAuley
Stephen Mitchell
Rolf Strootman
Richard Wenghofer
Nicholas L. Wright