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Hindsight in Greek and Roman History
Anton Powell (Ed.)

"The volume displays the distinctive standards of elegance and exactitude to which Classical Press of Wales has accustomed its readers for the last couple of decades...This invaluable collection should belong in any serious Classics library, will splendidly serve the needs of research and teaching alike, and will feed the curiosity of many a general reader."

Federico Santagelo—Newcastle University

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Creating a Hellenistic World
edited by Andrew Erskine and Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones

"The volume is another of the beautifully produced ones from The Classical Press of Wales, with several nicely chosen images."

Gillian Ramsey, Bryn Mawr Classical Review

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Virgil the Partisan Now in Paperback
by Anton Powell `

Awarded the prize of The Vergilian Society of America for best book on Virgil (2011).

From the Society's citation: ...the contribution of this book lies above all in the compelling argument that the political and military history of the 30s BC is more important for an understanding of all three of Virgil's major works than it is often taken to be...Powell's Virgil is unashamedly pro-Octavian, pro-Augustus, a poet one of whose main goals was to address and palliate the weakness and unpopularity of Octavian. This is not a fashionable approach to Virgil, and doubtless many will resist Powell's political reading. But it will be impossible in future to ignore Powell's careful and detailed arguments for the centrality of the historical context...

Philip Hardie and Julia Dyson Hejduk

[Powell] writes in a lucid and attractive style, displaying his admiration for Virgil on every page...

Donald Hill, Greece and Rome 56 (2009)


Words and Ideas: The Roots of Plato's Philosophy
by Fritz-Gregor Herrmann


“In many ways the work of F.-G.Herrmann is a rarity in Platonic studies. Firstly, it combines with brio philological rigour and a concentration on philosophy, with each constantly enriching the other. Secondly, it upholds an original thesis which, however modestly presented, is bound to alter radically the reader's view, whether or not (s)he agrees with it. And thirdly, when proceeding
from a few pages of Plato it offers an analysis worthy of application to the whole of Plato's oeuvre – and to earlier thought.”

Marc-Antoine Gavray, Revue Philosophique de Louvain 2008


Plutarch's Lives: Parallelism and Purpose 
edited by Noreen Humble


“...the editor has done a wonderful job of organising papers for the collection, and the authors must be collectively congratulated for the diversity and success of their efforts in addressing Plutarchan parallelism. The essays are all highly relevant and provocative, while offering fresh insights into fundamental issues in Plutarchan studies.”

Michael Nerdahl, Bryn Mawr Classical Review

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Roman Perspectives
by John Matthews

“The author is to be commended for successfully uniting these essays around a common theme and for presenting his arguments in clear and compelling prose. Indeed, this volume reveals a truly impressive level of learning, and it serves as a masterful reminder that, if we are truly to understand history and those who have recorded it for us, we must always do so with a critical eye upon the larger cultural forces that inevitably contribute to shaping that history...”

-Michael Whitby, Bryn Mawr Classical Review

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Sparta: Comparative Approaches
edited by Stephen Hodkinson


“In sum, Hodkinson is to be congratulated on producing and editing a thought-provoking work of first-rate scholarship on some of the central questions in modern scholarship on Sparta.
...this handsomely produced compilation of essential reading for any scholar concerned with archaic and classical Sparta.”

William S. Morison, Bryn Mawr Classical Review

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Catullus: A Textual Reappraisal
by J M Trappes-Lomax

"It will be of enormous use to those preparing an edition of the poems, who will find his arguments for and against the textual readings proposed in it of great value in preparing their own text"
John Godwin, Journal of Classics Teaching 15 (2008)
"John Trappes-Lomax .... proposes a truly radical approach to the text of Catullus .... he argues strongly that the text has suffered interpolation both in ancient times and later" .... "what makes this work truly novel is that all the suggestions are assembled and defended according to a coherent understanding of how the text has been treated by its enthusiastic but incompetent admirers."
Donald Hill, Greece & Rome 55 (2008)
"This is a learned, acute and thought-provoking book of an unusual kind" .... "A particular strength is the large number of excellent but forgotten conjectures that are revived" .... "There are a striking number of compelling new conjectures .... Almost everything advocated here will need thought from future editors before they could decide not to include it in an apparatus" .... "All in all this is a fundamental contribution to the textual criticism of Catullus .... asking fundamental questions and regularly producing persuasive answers"
S.J.Heyworth, Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2008.

Spartan Education
by Jean Ducat

This is a quite extraordinary piece of work, one of the most impressive and important in all ancient history to have appeared in recent years. It is a simply monumental study of a fundamental aspect of not just ancient Spartan but all ancient Greek history...Suffice it to say here that what is very modestly ventured on the dust-jacket seems to me to be spot-on; Jean Ducat's Spartan Education is "likely to be seen as his magnum opus" and no less "likely to become the definitive reference on its subject."...The professional standard of the production is exemplary throughout.

Paul Cartledge New England Classical Journal
Thucydides. Man's place in history,
by Hans-Peter Stahl

Choice 'Outstanding Academic Title', 2004

'Stahl's book ... is an enormously useful detailed reading of some key incidents in Thucydides' work, while at the same time being a profound meditation on history and the role of human beings in the historical process.'
'In producing this handsome volume, Dr. Anton Powell and his Classical Press of Wales have put us yet further in their debt.'

John Marincola, Bryn Mawr Classical Review.
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